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Workshop & SHOWCASE


TEEEM's partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson University is now expanding beyond Dual-Enrollment Curriculum! In collaboration with FDU, TEEEM is hosting two inaugural events: a Mid-Year Workshop and an End-of-Year Showcase.

At the Mid-Year Workshop, students will learn ways in which they can observe and understand the world through a more global lens by discussing and analyzing the impact that culture and perspective have on society. They will then look more inward and determine the how the different facets of their identity and can help shape their place in the world. Following these discussions, students will continue generating ways in which they can make positive, measurable changes on a global level, as was explored at the Leadership Symposium in the Fall. Dialogue will be facilitated by FDU Global Scholars students, all of whom have been trained and certified through the Global Competence Certification Credentials from AFS International Programs. This event takes place at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Metro Campus in Teaneck.

Opposite of the Leadership Symposium (see previous page), the End-of-Year Showcase serves as the concluding event for the academic year. At the End-of-Year Showcase, students will have the opportunity to prepare and illustrate all of the work they have accomplished throughout the school year in a fun, vibrant setting. Students will create dynamic posters and visuals to demonstrate what they were able to contribute to their respective sites, whether that be financial, programmatic, or initiative-based projects. Students will creatively communication their measurable success to a diverse audience.


To highlight the successes of the year, the showcase will take shape in a celebratory event rather than a purely academic one by taking form as an outdoor community-wide festival at FDU's Madison campus.

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