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Who we are as a TEEEM

TEEEM -- The Empathy, Equality, Entrepreneurship Mission -- is a local non-profit organization that teaches students about global issues and humanitarianism through empathy and entrepreneurship. TEEEM fulfills this mission by connecting New Jersey high school students with various humanitarian organizations around the world. In conjunction with learning how to comprehend and tackle global issues, these partnerships cultivate meaningful, rewarding experiences for students as they make a real impact on the world.


"As the world becomes smaller, it becomes increasingly more vulnerable. And while 30% of the population is youth, 100% are the future. It only makes sense to give today’s students — tomorrow’s global decision-makers — an opportunity to help manage resources with an unprecedented return on social investment.” -Jarret Schecter

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Founded in 2016 by former photojournalist Jarret Schecter, the mission of TEEEM is to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about history, geography, climate, and culture while collaboratively engaging with global nonprofits. In doing so, students are offered authentic hands-on experiences to affect change in the developing world. It was through Jarret’s experience observing the need for such change in the realms of poverty, inequality, discrimination and other adversities abroad that TEEEM was originated.


TEEEM’s mission is to create a better world through empathy, equality, and entrepreneurship.
Our schools and international partners support tens of thousands of people by:

🧑🏻‍⚕ Treating patients

🧑🏽‍🌾 Feeding children

👩🏼‍🏫 Educating students

💪🏾 Empowering women

👨🏼‍🏭 Building infrastructure

🌍 Providing hope across five continents​

jarret schecter.png

Jarret Schecter

Founder & President

Taylor DeMaio.jpg

Taylor DeMaio

Vice President

Michelle Della Fortuna.jpg

Michelle Della Fortuna

Director of School Programs

Ted Opderbeck.webp
Alexandra Tate.jpeg

Ted Opderbeck

Professional Learning Coordinator

Alexandra Tate

Student Travel Coordinator


Ally Getch

Social Media Manager

Susan Marzano.jpg

Susan Marzano

Events & Sponsorship Coordinator

Suzanne Curry.jpeg

Suzanne Curry

PR & Marketing Consultant

Educator Advisory Board

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joe occhino.jpg
tom demaio.png

Dr. Tom Gorman


Montville School District

Joe Occhino


Northern Highlands

Regional High School

Tom DeMaio

Retired Principal

Pascack Valley High School &

Hawthorne High School

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