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What makes TEEEM unique is the way in which it can be infused into schools. Every district has the ability to implement TEEEM in a way that best suits their own goals. Some schools have chosen to blend TEEEM into pre-existing clubs or programs that are aligned with similar missions (such as global awareness clubs, social justice clubs, business clubs, language clubs, Humanitarian Academy, National Honor Society, etc.), while others have made TEEEM its own entity. Many schools are now incorporating TEEEM into curriculum.

TEEEM is currently partnered with over 25 high schools around New Jersey. Each school is paired with a site whose focus is to help underserved communities in different ways. Needs typically include healthcare, education, agriculture, environment, infrastructure, economics, disaster relief, community and youth development. 


All of our sites are designated as "pods" among our schools so that multiple schools can support the same site. Students collaborate directly with the founders and site leaders from their respective pods to learn about the current and future needs of those communities. Students then develop creative, innovative ways in which they can help address those needs from their classrooms.

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