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One of our most exciting ventures has been our infusion into high school classrooms through Fairleigh Dickinson University's dual-enrollment curriculum. The basis of our partnership with FDU was founded on the collaboration between TEEEM's unique social entrepreneurship initiative and FDU's Core Program

While TEEEM handles the logistics and funding behind student projects and events, FDU handles the curricular development, unit content, and learning outcomes and objectives, all of which "strongly emphasizes global learning and personal/professional development learning." The Core Program also allows students to "explore their intellectual and creative strengths in order to draw on these while preparing for a fulfilling professional and personal life" while adhering to FDU's global learning mission: "To prepare students for responsible citizenship in the global community and for professional success in the global economy."

The two dual-enrollment courses -- "Global Issues" and "Cross-Cultural Perspectives" -- both allow students to earn 3 college credits at a highly-discounted rate. FDU also provides teacher training and university resource access. 

FDU's University Core program is designed to achieve three objectives:

  1. To foster international and intercultural perspectives that offer students critical ways of looking at the world as well as at their own countries and communities.

  2. To promote understanding of individual, societal, and global perspectives.

  3. To inculcate an appreciation for the interrelationships among bodies of knowledge generated in individual disciplines.


Together, TEEEM and Fairleigh Dickinson University are providing high school students with the unique opportunity to not just learn about real global issues and cultural relativity, but participate in remedying them in a creative, hands-on capacity. Our students are beginning to do tremendously impactful things, and now they can earn college credit for it!

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